Getting Started Is Easy,
This Is How It Works...

1. We Receive Your Items on Consignment
You either call us or email us with a description of your item. We will assess it's value and determine if the item has an expected eBay value of at least $100.
We set up an appointment to pick up your items. All items are kept in a secure, air conditioned environment.

2. We Do All The Work & Sell Them On eBay
We provide professional digital photography & editing
Research and compose detailed descriptions
List your item on eBay
Respond to all inquiries and questions for all items
Provide Electronic Invoicing to buyers
Payment processing including Credit Card Payments
When it sells, we collect the payment, safely pack and ship the item

3. You Sit Back & Wait For Your Check
Once the item is paid for, received by the buyer, and positive feedback is left for us by the buyer; we send you a check.

up to 2 weeks to professionally photograph, expertly research, write-up and list your item on eBay
1 week for the auction to run
up to 1 week to collect the payment from the winning bidder
up to 1 week for the buyer to request a return of the item - *circumstances may vary.

(Remember, buyers can’t return the item just because they do not like it! We have a strict return policy that only allows buyers to return an item if it is clearly not-as-described.)

Then we mail a your check with a detailed report!

after all Ebay and PayPal fees
Just Sell It charges a 45% commission fee for services